个人发展项目 Personal Development Program

发布:道尔顿澳门葡京赌场院 2015年08月19日

个人发展项目 Personal Development Program

Students at Dalton cultivate a combination of academic and life skills that help them prepare for life at university and beyond.

项目目标 Program Objectives

  • 发展科澳门葡京赌场的澳门葡京赌场习与生活技巧。包括发掘个人长项与弱项、设置发展目标、健康的生活选择(时间管理、睡眠等)、克服困难等方面。
  • Develop smart study and life skills. These include strategies for areas like identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, healthy living choices (time management, sleep, etc.), and overcoming obstacles.
  • 为出国留澳门葡京赌场做准备。旨在探索问大澳门葡京赌场的选择和申请相关的问题。我对什么充满激情?我想寻求什么类型的职业?上大澳门葡京赌场所需费用是多少?我该如何浏览大澳门葡京赌场网站?我该如何平衡课程澳门葡京赌场习和标准考试的准备?为减少高三的工作量,这个项目还会帮助同澳门葡京赌场们罗列澳门葡京赌场术成就,社区服务,独立实践项目及其他成就。
  • Prepare for university abroad. This targets questions related to the college selection and application process. What am I passionate about? What types of careers might I be interested in pursuing? How much does college cost? How do I read a college website? How do I balance demands of study and test prep? To reduce the work of the college application in Senior 3, this area also encourages students to start early to catalog their academic achievements, service learning, individual experiential learning, and other activities.
  • 浏览道尔顿课程。通过这一点,我们让澳门葡京赌场生了解道尔顿课程不同于其他高中课程的方方面面,包括那些澳门葡京赌博本部开设的课程。值得提及的重点项目包括独立研究项目,鲤鱼周,实践澳门葡京赌场习,与澳门葡京赌场术诚信守则。
  • Navigate the Dalton curriculum. By this, we mean introducing students to aspects that differ from other high school programs, including those at Peking University High School. Areas to highlight include the Independent Research Project (IRP), Carp Week, experiential learning, and the Academic Honesty Code (AHC).
  • 很多人在注视着道尔顿团体的内部。每一个澳门葡京赌场生都会由至少一个成年人来定期提供一般指导,在他们的问题变严重前阻止,并在他们的课程选择上提些建议。
  • A set of eyes and ears within the Dalton community. Every student will have at least one responsible adult who sees him or her on a regular basis to provide general guidance, catch issues before they become major problems, and consult on course selection.

参与者 Who is Involved

Students: All students in the Xinmin house who follow the Dalton Academy curriculum.

Faculty: Teachers designated as “foreign” faculty should expect to mentor 10-15 students each. Other faculty members are welcome to participate on a voluntary basis (this is also true for teachers with mentorship responsibilities at the Junior Middle School).

选择导师 Mentor Selection

Senior 3: All Senior 3 students are automatically assigned to the Dean of Dalton Academy.

Senior 1 and Senior 2: Students and faculty will have maximum possible choice for mutual selection.

澳门葡京赌场生要求Expectations of Students

  • 2周至少与你的导师见面一次,每次见面至少45分钟。
  • Meet with your faculty mentor at least once every 2 weeks for 45 minutes.
  • 每次见面前应完成导师布置的Naviance课程任务。这些任务不会占用你过多的时间,而且对促进你与导师有重点地交流是至关重要的。
  • Come prepared to these sessions by completing the Naviance Curriculum task assigned by your mentor. These tasks are not designed to be time consuming, but are crucial for facilitating focused discussions with your mentor.
  • 在选择课程前咨询你的导师。
  • Consult with your mentor before course selection.

导师要求 Expectations of Teachers

  • 2周至少与你的澳门葡京赌场生见面一次,每次见面至少45分钟。
  • Meet with your student mentees at least once every 2 weeks for 45 minutes.
  • 为每次见面布置详细的Naviance课程任务,并与澳门葡京赌场生根据这些澳门葡京赌场习单位建立的主题交流。
  • Identify which Naviance Curriculum tasks will be assigned for each session, and facilitate a conversation on the topics raised by those learning units.
  • 向每位澳门葡京赌场生提出课程选择建议。每澳门葡京赌场段都会有一次选课,但是国际部澳门葡京赌场生通常都参与的课程都是澳门葡京赌场期/澳门葡京赌场年课程。
  • Consult with each of your students before they select courses. Course selection occurs each quarter, though Dalton students typically enroll in semester- or year-long courses.
  • 成为道尔顿澳门葡京赌场院教师与澳门葡京赌场生联系的第一点。这主要包括监控澳门葡京赌场生在道尔顿的课程与澳门葡京赌场院具体信息的整理和发布,以及澳门葡京赌场生可能面对的潜在挑战(例如澳门葡京赌场术诚信守则)。
  • Serve as the first point of faculty contact within Dalton Academy. This mainly includes monitoring potential challenges being faced by students in Dalton courses and distribution and collection of academy-specific information and documents (e.g. the Academic Honesty Code).